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    What weighs a milligram

    A milligram is a measure of mass, not of weight. so there is nothing that weighs 1000 milligrams. on earth, 1 milligram of mass weighs 0. asked in math and arithmetic, units of measure, weight and mass how many milligrams are in one milligram? a centigram is one hundredth of a gram. a milligram is one thousandths of a gram. this means a centigram weighs more than a milligram. there are very few common objects that weigh 1 milligram. however, if you live in the us a new one dollar what bill weighs about a gram, so if you can imagine a dollar bill being cut into 1000 pieces. what weighs 1 mg? wiki user: 11: 33.

    a feather, a paper clip and a us dollar bill each weigh one. gram on average, one milligram is weighs 1/ 1000 of one gram. milligrams are very small measurements of solid weight in the international metric system. specifically, a milligram is one- thousandth of a gram; to put it in concrete terms, the common mosquito weighs around 2 milligrams. in imperial ( us) measurements, there are more than what 28, 000 milligrams in a single ounce. milligram definition, a unit of mass or weight equal to one thousandth of a gram, and equivalent to 0. abbreviation: mg see more. one fifth of a piece of paper ( what 80 gsm a4 paper weighs 4.

    035274 of an ounce to 6 decimal places ( we need 28. 349523 grams to make an ounce) a kilogram is about: the mass of a liter bottle of water; very close to 10% more than 2 pounds ( within a quarter of a percent) very very close to 2. 205 pounds ( accurate to 3 decimal places) 7 apples. a milligram is a very small unit of measurement in the metric system, which means only specific ( and tiny) things can be reasonably measured with it. it also requires very precise scales to accurate weigh out a milligram. so what are some things that weigh a milligram? here are some common things that weigh a milligram: a small feather. so, a milligram is how much something weighs, because it ends in grams. one gram is about the weight of a penny or a big paperclip.

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    What weighs a milligram
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    What weighs a milligram

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