Holy oil cannabis

Holy oil cannabis

Butane honey oil – thc syringe $ 45. add to cart / details. distillate thc syringe – 1gram $ 50. durban poison – livwell pen – 1000mg $ 55. durban poison co2 vape pens $ 70. best full spectrum cbd tincture. the anointing oil used by jesus and his disciples contained an ingredient called kaneh- bosem which has since been identified as cannabis extract,. exodus effect: the true holy anointing oil cannabis recipe book. steffi porter- j. exodus effect is a book that teaches you how to heal yourself with true anointed oil.

the complete exodus effect system and holy anointing oil. holy christ oilⓇ is a medicinal cbd oil made with the recipe for anointing oil used for millennia by the hebrews. it can be found in exodus 30: 22- 30 and is made per the scripture with only the highest grades of essential oils and cannabis extracts. the holy anointing oil, as described in the original hebrew version of the recipe in exodus, contained over six pounds of keneh- bosum - a substance identified by respected etymology, linguists anthropologists, botanists and other researchers as cannabis extracted into about six quarts of olive oil along with a variety of other fragrant herbs. holy oil and the holy incense for religious use. you can get this cbd cannabis oil online legally anywhere. personally i prefer holy oil cannabis to just make the holy oil of god as is prescribed in exodus 30: 23. but i think it is a great thing to add cannabis oil to your diet. i just bought 32 oz of cannabis oil for $ 20 on ebay. i am going to add the oil to my. lytton john musselman, a professor of botany at old dominion university and author of a dictionary of bible plants ( cambridge ), says he' s familiar with the theory that keneh- bosem refers to cannabis, but remains wholly unconvinced, calling the evidence claiming marijuana to be part of the holy anointing oil “ so weak i would not pursue it.

re: cannabis was the secret ingredient in the holy anointing oil " of the historical material indicating the hebraic use of cannabis, the strongest and most profound piece of evidence was established in 1936 by sula benet ( a. sara benetowa), a polish etymologist from the institute of anthropological sciences in warsaw. the healing and holy oil cannabis. by indiana norml | | culture, health, hemp, history, medical marijuana. the use of cannabis goes back at least 10, 000 years, not only as paper and fiber, but as a medicine and a means of connecting with spirit. all of the world’ s major religions have used cannabis as a sacrament, including islam. no, god did not prescribe the use of cannabis in the bible. by michael brown, cp op- ed contributor | saturday, septem. " the fact is that the holy oil contained 6 pounds of ( marijuana) with other spices boiled into one gallon of olive oil! the holy oil of god is illegal to obtain today! addison demoura, coo of steep hill halent labs, is a self- proclaimed concentrate lover and has seemingly made it his mission to help improve the community’ s knowledge on the topic. as he explains, the aroma from a one- gram container of holywater is comparable to that of “ a whole bag of weed.

” demoura goes on to say that most samples of concentrate clock- in with around 4% percent total. new film confirms cannabis in the holy anointing oil, and makes the link to this oil within early christianity as part of the fire baptism of jesus christ. full details at www. org this shocking new film documentary brings together the worlds foremost researchers on cannabis in the holy anointing oil as described in exodus 30: 23. this famous verse mentions a holy anointing oil that was used by moses and concocted by a recipe sent directly from god. this anointing oil was used to consecrate the temple and priests and was even rubbed on christ’ s body before the crucifixion. when translated, one of the central ingredients of this holy oil was hemp, or cannabis flowers. preparing the cannabis oil ( dilution for dosing) follow the ratio chart below. it is always best to start with a low dose and work up to a higher dose. to make a 20: 1 you will add 20 parts flax oil to one part cannabis oil. when the cannabis budwig recipe calls for one gram of cannabis oil use one gram of the diluted mixture. the sisters of the valley, a.

the " weed nuns, " are devoted to the production of medical marijuana- based healing products as well as to ecology and activism. a sister added, " if pizza' s a vegetable, i' m a nun, " one sister said in an interview. " we believe cannabis oil was the other holy oil of the bible, " holy oil cannabis and that if jesus lived, " he. the holy moshiach, the savior jesus christ was himself anointed with this oil, and democratized the oil, making the leaf' s healing power available to laymen, who received instant healings due to his healing, including that of leprosy and " crooked limbs" both of which are healed by the spiritual and healing effects of cannabis. cbdistillery location. get healer certified. doctor- developed cannabis training and education to empower you to help patients and consumers achieve success. designed for health providers, industry professionals and consumers. access reliable, accurate and practical online training and education based on proven protocols, peer- reviewed science and dr. as one website proclaims in bold, red letters: “ the fact is that the holy oil contained 6 pounds of ( marijuana) with other spices boiled into one gallon of olive oil! hemp plates and bowls. the holy oil of god is.

cannabis holy oil recipe from the bible - posted in culinary corner: cannabis holy oil recipe 1/ 4 oz. premium cannabis flower tops kaneh bosm ( buds) 1 cup ( 8 oz. ) organic extra virgin olive oil premium essential oils 30 drops of myrrh 15 drops of cinnamon and 30 drops of cassia ( cinnamon leaf) ( preferred method) heat the olive oil in a double boiler until quite warm. rso or whole plant cannabis extract is applied to skin and covered with a bandage for several days. when the bandage is removed the rso is still there. it seems that in it' s " grease" form it does not absorb or penetrate the skin? meet holy cramp, the uk’ s first pro- period cbd oil. this broad- spectrum cbd oil infused with essential oils and hemp extract has been designed specifically for. holy anointing oil modern recipe this is the recipe i have used.

it is not exactly the same recipe that is listed in exodus, it has only one ounce of marijuana instead of fifteen ounces. 16- oz extra virgin olive oil. myrrh essential oil. cassia root essential oil. 1/ 2 tsp cinnamon leaf essential oil. 1 oz of cannabis ( coarsely ground). holy mary – cannabis pleasure oil es un potente estimulante que contiene aceite de semilla de cannabis sativa. su formulación exclusiva, ha dado fruto a uno de los estimulantes más potentes, diferentes y de efecto de larga duración del mercado.

in ancient judaea, cannabis appears as one of the ingredients in holy incense and anointing oil under the name kaneh bosm in exodus ( 30: 22- 25), dating to 9th or 8th century bce. the oil is formed with cannabis, along with six quarts of olive oil and other fragrant herbs. according to the bible, the anointed ones had to be drenched in the solution as a part of the rite. although cannabis was not mentioned in the bible, the holy book purportedly supports the use of all the kinds of seeds and herbs on the planet. why is kaneh bosm used in the sacred oil of exodus. first of all it has to be pointed out that this ‘ holy oil’ was for the use of the temple priests only. this was for the consecration of the tabernacle articles, the meeting tent, inauguration of the priesthood, and other priestly duties. cbdpure softgels 750.

moreover, the lord spake unto moses, saying, 23 take thou also unto thee principal spices, of pure myrrh five hundred shekels, and of sweet cinnamon half so much, even 250 shekels, and of qaneh- bosm [ cannabis] 250 shekels, 24 and of cassia 500 shekels, after the shekel of the sanctuary, and of oil olive an hin: 25 and thou shalt make it an oil. jesus and his apostles may have used cannabis oil to perform healing ' miracles', according to a controversial historian. author david bienenstock claims cannabis. because cannabis is a principal ingredient in the hebrew holy anointing oil, this usage signifies that cannabis is a sacrament because it is of sacred character, and having been used as a device to render the altar and the tabernacle and the ark holy, it must be considered holy indeed. in my studies, i have found the cannabis plant to fit the need and the history of the anointing oil than the calamus plant and the word itself. the kjv translates the hebrew word “ qaneh” ( pronounced kaw- naw’ ) into “ calamus. ” per strong’ s concordance,. god commanded a holy anointing oil be made, the hebrew word for one of the main ingredients was kanahbosm in the plural, but when you break it down the word becomes kanahbus, interesting kanahbus sounds a lot like the english word cannabis " come with me from lebanon, my bride, come with me from lebanon. shashon jenkins president holy oil partnerships | e& p oil & gas| energy lobbyist | medical cannabis consulting & lawful procurement guru orange county, california area 500+ connections. the following accounts of cannabis holy anointing oil ( made by roger according to the recipe in exodus 30: 23) apparently being effective in healing gangrene, are a compilation of posts and photos which were copied from the hawai' i cannabis ministry forum,.

the original hebrew recipe found in exodus ( 30: describes the holy oil containing 6 pounds of this herb – anthropologists, botanists, linguists, and etymologists agree kaneh- bosem is cannabis. it certainly seems like the holy oil was a mixture of cannabis with other fragrant herbs. the term „ christ“ itself is a translation of the hebrew word “ messiah”, which mean the “ anointed.

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